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Traffic Dynamo - search engine software delivering targeted traffic to your web sites.

When it comes to getting targeted traffic from search engines Traffic Dynamo is the real thing - search engine software that concentrates totally on getting targeted traffic to your web site.

And Traffic Dynamo, which took Joe Chapius 2 years to create, is unique - I can't think of any other search engine software that works the same way, or drives targeted traffic to your site in the same way.

In fact I'd say it's the first ever automated product that's been proven to work...driving a constant flow of motivated, interested, and
targeted traffic to any web site on any subject... and can even be used to attract visitors to affiliate programs you're promoting.

Not only that...once you've done some initial work it does everything automatically for you, including building database driven web sites
that can contain hundreds or indeed thousands of pages.

Database sites?

Don't let that word put you off. Before I understood what a database really is, I'd hear the word and immediately tune out everything related to it. Too technical for me.

But really you don't have to know anything about databases or programming to make it work. It's simple to understand once you've taken some time to read the tutorial.

Believe me, I'm a no hoper when it comes to anything away from a bit of simple html (I even struggle to make a subscribe form work) but I'm putting Dynamo to work to attract traffic to my sites and get subscribers to my newsletter.

Having said that, it's not something for beginners. Dynamo uses advanced techniques, and you need at least a basic webmaster's background before you give them a try. You also need to have your
own domain name, and a CGI-enabled web site (UNIX or NT). So this is a system for people who are serious about their business and web site.

Joe Chapius, the developer of Traffic Dynamo, is a well respected web marketer and writer, an Open Directory Project editor at, and publisher of the excellent Net Tips newsletter.

Look I wrote about 5 pages on Dynamo before realizing it made this piece far too long and had to delete it all. So rather than me rambling on about it, and trying to explain everything you need to visit the Traffic Dynamo web site which explains it a lot better than I did.

Let me say again that Traffic Dynamo is not simple stuff, but it could well turn out to be a serious traffic driver for your sites. Traffic Dynamo uses fairly advanced techniques and in my opinion it's not suitable for beginners. But if you're looking for a new way to drive huge amounts of search engine targeted traffic to your site, Traffic Dynamo has no rivals.

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