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How to get a one page site to the top of Google.

Think getting to the top of Google with a one page web site can't be done? Think again. In Jay Stockwell's quick read ebook, Microsite Miracles , he shows you exactly how he achieves a number one position for his chosen search phrase, and Top 10 positions for a number of other keywords.

Without using any shady tricks, one of his test cases went from zero to over 1 million pageviews a month in 12 months. But it's the number one spots for single page sites (Jay calls them Micro Sites) that intrigued me.

Using a combination of his own reverse engineering software, and some innovative but simple techniques and ideas, Jay has managed to get number one spot in Google, AOL, and elsewhere for a ONE page web site about bicyles.

He details how he did it in Microsite Miracles. It's fascinating stuff. And, however advanced you are, you're bound to pick up some search engine tips and ideas from it, including a look at Jay's intriguing way of choosing keywords, and using keywords in internal anchor links. You'll also find Jay's explanation of what he calls "foundation keyword phrases" interesting.

Personally I'd never even thought about using keywords on the anchor links in a page but Jay's analysis of hundreds of top sites found that many of the high ranking sites are using them. Anchor links are the tags which let people jump around from one part of a page to another, they're often used as part of a menu but can be useful on long pages.

Originally Jay just provided you with a single real world case study, detailing how he got his one page bicycle site to the top of Google, but after Associate Programs Allan Gardyne and myself suggested he add more proof that his techniques work, he got to work and added another chapter called "More Proof" which has more case studies.

At the end Microsite Miracles, you'll find a special bonus.

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