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Google book - getting a Top 10 ranking in Google.

Google! Would you rather be at the top of any other search engine?

No ...neither would I. Which is why this up-to-date ebook The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed, by John Lim, is so valuable. Although it's going to help you with search engine positioning in general, it's the techniques for getting a top ranking in Google that really make this book worthwhile.

I got hold of a copy a couple of days after Neil Shearing's praised it in his excellent newletter at ScamFreeZone.

In fact Neil thought so highly of it, that he put out one of those rare "special editions" that serious ezine publishers tend to shy away from.

But it's easy to see why Neil was so impressed.

You get 50 tightly packed pages with very few illustrations, just condensed solid help. The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed concentrates on helping you rank high in Google because of it's 55.1% market share, but a lot of the stuff applies to other search engines too.

And it's all step-by-step stuff from someone who is doing it and ranking at the top for his own sites.

This book has come at an ideal time for me and my quest to improve the rankings of this site after letting it slip from a Top 10 position, so I've printed the book out on my overworked laser - I print all my ebooks - and I read it at one sitting. I'm now dipping into it again and marking the most important info and ideas.

It's good, and will help you no end in that never ending quest to reach, and stay, in Google's top 10.

Search Engine Software and advice


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