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Most search engine optimizing tools on the market are expensive, but here's one called EasySEO that bucks the trend.

Launched at the end of 2002 I tried out a pre-release version, which I knew about because the programmer, Jay Stockwell, once took part in a bike race up my mountain and wrote to tell me about it.

We got chatting, he sent me the search engine software to try out and I'm impressed - especially with one part which "reverse engineers" the sites in the Top 10 positions for your keywords, and compares the results to your own site, for the key phrase you're trying to rank for.

Basically, this low cost search engine optimizing software (just $49), takes you through the process of optimizing your web site to get a Top 10 position in search engines.

Using it himself, Jay has managed to get number one spot in Google, AOL, and elsewhere for a ONE page web site about bicycles.

Jay details how he did it, and how and why he built the site in Microsite Miracles, which is a report for sale on the same site...the report/ebook is fascinating and however advanced you are, you're bound to pick up some search engine tips and ideas from it. Basically it's a real world case study, detailing how Jay got his one page site to the top of Google. One site to the top could be a fluke, but Jay follows it up with more brief case studies in a chapter called "More Proof."

At the end of the report, Microsite Miracles, you'll find a special bonus.

Anyway, back to the software...which is remarkably low cost for a search engine optimizing tool.

For me, the strong part of the program, and the one that makes it worth buying, is the reverse engineering tool.

It needs automating more, but it does a good job, giving you a spreadsheet like chart showing you exactly why your site fails to make the top 10.

It then helps you refine your content to statistically match the top 10 sites.

The first time I used it I was disappointed at the lack of automation - you need to do a bit of cutting a pasting - but it's grown on me, and I'm now using it to analyze and improve the pages I'm writing for my ozemedia site upgrade.

Apart from the reverse engineering EasySEO mainly brings together a number of tools available elsewhere on the web, into the one package.

Things like keyword spy, search term suggestion tool, keyword density tool.

You can use the free tools at for this, plus the free Good Keywords, and the Overture keyword suggestion tool do the same job. But it is nice to be able to do everything from within the one program.

One thing it's not is a search engines submission tool. (Though from inside the program you can manually submit to the Top 10)

OK, EasySEO is not perfect yet, but if you're trying to get your site ranked high this search engine software is going to help for a low price.

Jay tells me that he's working on making it more automated, adding some more features, and that people like us, getting in early, will get upgrades as each new version of EasySEO comes onto the market.

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