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Back issues here Issue 298 | Nov 10th 2003

Letter from Phil

before I say anything else, I want to let you know that I'm making a few changes around here.

There's going to be less product talk and more help and advice.

As you know, I haven't sent out an ezine for a while (explanation below), and I did quite a bit of thinking during my enforced layoff.

I figured that since I make so much from my mini sites I don't really need the affiliate commissions I make from "recommending" products to you, so I'm going to cut down on the number I tell you about.

There'll still be some of course, and there are a couple below :)

But from the next letter there's going to be more tips and solid stuff-you-can-use advice.

Having said that, here's an afterthought:

I only ever let you know about software, sites, and ebooks that I really think will benefit you. And I know you like to hear my thoughts about them.

So what I might do is just put short reviews up on a web site and point you towards them.

"I've looked at some new software this week. Take a look here to read what my feelings on it"

That kind of thing. Sound ok?

Actually most of my income comes from sites that have nothing at all to do with this tiny internet marketing/business/affiliate program niche.

So unlike most marketers I don't need to try and sell you something.

I've got sites covering a squillian niches. If you're looking for ideas of areas to venture into Michael Holland's Strike it Niche is a good place to begin.

He's done a great research job, and reading this ebook should leave you dancing with enthusiasm.

Well it's over 3 weeks since I last wrote this "ezine" ... if that's what you want to call it. These days I just think of it as a letter from me to you.


Well it's too long to explain here, so I've stuck it up on another page here (will open in new window)


but if you want to skip it, here's the short version.

My satellite connection failed and left me internetless.

You might think that's a good time for writing, or catching up on other work. But I found it doesn't quite work out that way.

When you're running a web business it's very hard to do ANYTHING without being online. And anyway, I spent most of my time trying to get things fixed, reinstalling Windows and other software more times than I care to remember.

Well, now I'm back online (fingers crossed) however I'm not expecting full stability until Tuesday when my satellite disappears for ever and I get Wireless Internet installed.

Anyhow, since I got back on yesterday I've been busy collecting my thousands of emails and sorting spam from the good stuff, plus finishing off the report about Traffic Equalizer I was working on
when my connection went down.

If you're waiting for it, I'll send you the link tomorrow.

And if you sent me an urgent email please resend. I've lost a lot of mail over the past few weeks.

Here's something I've got to tell you about quick though.

Marlon Sanders launched an excellent new product a few days ago. At least I think it was only a few days ago, and when I checked my mail a few minutes ago I saw that he's putting the price up by $10 TODAY.

How do I know it's an excellent product. Because as soon as I saw he'd brought something new out I jumped straight in and bought it.

It's low cost and useful, and it's not an ebook or a program - it's a "Marketing Dashboard". The concept is you point, click and follow the steps. So it's literally"point and click marketing".

It's very simple to use. It's divided into 6 steps, with 6 steps each, which makes it a 6 week program with actions you take - 6 days per week. The best thing to do is go and take a look at a screen capture of it, so that you can instantly understand how it will
help you.

Click here for a picture and to read more:

Update on my recent contest winner Isobel Philllips.

(Note: I've removed the site name and keywords from Isobel's letter to keep her site secret to stop it being copied)

"And now... an update on the mini site you built me. Well, put " - - " (no quotes) into Google and take a look :)

I made no changes to the site at all. I linked to it from a page with a PR of 4 last week ... and in 4 days we've made 5 sales from 152 unique clicks to "- - - - s" and earned $42! I'm delighted - thank you so much! Feel free to quote those figures in your newsletter if you'd

Just goes to show that mini sites work, doesn't it. Back in March, in issue 270, I wrote about how if you put in a lot of hard work and build 2 new mini sites a week you can end up with an income of 5000 a week.

I'm on track. Are you?

My main marketing site at is about the 2,200th most popular site on the net (out of millions). And it's been that way quite a while.

How do I know this?

I use the Alexa Toolbar which you can download for free. Alexa is an Amazon company.

This toolbar is a VERY useful tool for we internet marketers because it's loaded with useful info about every site you visit - things like where it ranks, customer reviews, contact info, and it even shows how many links the site has.

This is extremely handy if you're looking for sites to exchange links with, which is necessary for ranking well in Google.

But one more thing. You can GIVE it away to your web site visitors and make money from it because when people download it via your link YOUR Amazon affiliate ID is embedded into the toolbar.

Want to see what I mean, click on this link

Because of my problems here's a re-run of the Traffic EQ offer from my last letter. I'm not going to promote this program too heavily because it works too well and I don't want the competition.

If you decide to get involved with this, send me your clickbank receipt for the bonuses. If I've already emailed you about this offer (weeks ago now) please don't resend - you're in my database, and I'm clogged up with email.

Right, that's enough for today.

Look out for the next rip-roaring letter coming to your mail box real soon.




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