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Back issues here Issue 283 | July 7th 2003

Letter from Phil

sorry this is so late. I went to a 5th July party and I've only just surfaced.

5th July?

Well I am in Australia.

Actually it was a mountain top Christmas in July party, and seeing I spent ages sitting on Santa's knee drinking Moet champagne I had way too much fun to be writing yesterday.

So what are you going to find here today?

A wow of an offer for JV Secrets where you can win a complete mini site.

A brief look at a lady making almost $2000 a day selling bras on the web.

The new Google Toolbar.

and how to profit from your Blog.

More on JV Secrets
But first this "wow" of a deal which is kind of special.

1. A wow of an offer!

You know that every now and again I like to conjure up a
joint venture type of deal for you. Well way back in March I talked Marc Goldman of and JV Secrets into giving you a whopping big discount on his JV Secrets package.

Since then JV Secrets has been totally revised and updated, and there's been a price increase. (but it's the content increase that's really important).

Anyway before I went off to spend most of Saturday night sitting with Santa (the first champagne drinking female Santa I've ever met) I got onto Marc and talked him into helping me put this special deal together.

Well first off JV Secrets is well worth the asking price on its own - without the discount I've squeezed out of Marc. And without something really special from me.

So I recommend it on its own.

But here's what I've put together for you:

# JV Secrets at a big discount.

# 1 months free full membership of Marcs famed Ultimate Marketers Resource member site. (took a lot of convincing to get Marc to add that as a sweetener).

# Plus a chance to win some "prizes" from me. (more on that below).

The only snag is that this deal with Marc is running for just 72 hours. After that the price goes back up and the free month in the Ultimate Marketers Resource site is dropped. Now seeing that I'm writing this 24 hours late I guess that means there's only 48 hours left...if that.

So you've got to jump in quick.

Now for the never-done-before prizes from me:

# One lucky person, drawn randomly from the first 20 people to invest in JV Secrets will win a complete mini affiliate site on the subject of your choice.

Following the steps I teach in my book Mini Site Profits

I'll write the content, find suitable affiliate programs for you to promote, and do the keyword research. Not only that... I'll also find, and pay for a domain name for you, and host it for a full year.

Value? Not sure how to put a price on this. But at least $800 - $1000.

# Second prize - a mini site completely researched for you. We'll discuss the subject; where to come up with the content and a good affiliate program to promote. I'll suggest suitable domain names, plus I'll do the keyword research using Wordtracker and Nichefinder

You'll get advice on traffic, advertising, and more, all packaged in a special detailed personal report.

In short I'll do everything except write the content and host your site.

Value? Probably $300-500.

# Third prize - a free 5 line classified ad in this letter. This will also be drawn at random from the first 20 buyers of JV Secrets.

Value? Well I don't sell ads so again it's hard to put a price on this, but probably a couple of hundred.

# Fourth prize - a complete 30 page web site built with the new Keyword Site Builder package, on the subject of your choice, promoting the affiliate program or web site of your choice.

These KSB sites are perfectly structured web sites that are proving to rank very highly in the search engines. All you need to do is add suitable content.

Value? Well I would have put this as third prize, but seeing it's only $167 to build as many KSB sites as you want I can hardly do that.

So what if you're in the first 20 people and you don't win one of these 4 main prizes? (can you call them prizes when it's not a contest? Probably not...but I have).

# Well you'll receive a free one line link in next weeks letter to your site, and the link will also be archived in the online edition providing you with a permanent link.

I'd say that ads here would be worth quite a bit if I sold them. So this is a great bunch of "prizes" I've put together.

Oh yes, and what if you're not in the first 20 people to invest in JV Secrets because you read this a bit late...

# Well I'll take one person at random from any further sales and give them a free 3 line classified ad to run in a couple of weeks time.

# I'll pick someone else at random and help them generate traffic to their existing web site.

How about all that then?

I guess that just here I'm supposed to give a lot of sales spiel for JV Secrets, telling you what's in the package and how good it is...but I'm not going to. You can read all that on the site. Be sure you take a look at the excellent, and genuine testimonials. this is a bit of a rush job. You've got to be quick if you want to make the first 20. When I put together something like this (not that I've done anything quite like this before) I just know it goes a bit crazy.

So if you want to get a great product in JV Secrets, and you like the very good odds of winning a prize (much better than any lotto or poker machine you've ever come across) then click straight to

Remember there's a 48 or so hour time limit, but to be in the first 20 there's probably a 30 minute time limit.

I wish I could say I'm going to be making a fortune from this offer... but really I think I'm giving one away instead.

I even gave away most of my affiliate commissions to get Marc to drop the price.

Ah well, that's life. I guess it's my Christmas in July present to you.

(I've changed my mind about writing about what's in the JV Secrets package. You can read more about it at the bottom of this letter)

2.Hollywood or Bust...

A farmer's wife in England has hit the big time selling big bras on the Internet and by mail order.

Big bras?

Yep, she's a sizable woman herself in the chest department, and so are some of her friends, and they always found it a struggle to find bras that would fit.

Now through her site, which was an almost instant hit, Sally Robinson is pulling in sales of around US$2000 a day.

And it's such a great feel-good story that her life and business are being made into a major feature film.

"A mail order business was kicking around in my head and then my friend was looking for a bra for her wedding," she says. "We looked on the Internet and there were bras for belly dancers, ones made of leather, plastic and feathers, but no ordinary ones. So I decided on bras. The problem is with sizes - so we have them all."

To be truthful I've lost all the notes I made about Sally. I think I left them behind in England.

So if you want to read more about her success, I've found some stories about her on the web at:

The Guardian


This is York Business Awards

3. New Google Toolbar...

For the past week I've been using the beta version of the new Google Toolbar which, among other things, features a built in Popup Blocker, Autofill which automatically fills in a form with the click of a button and will even store your credit card info if you want it to, and best of all (for all you Bloggers) BlogThis, which creates a weblog post on your blog pointing to the site you are visiting.

You can read a good blog review about it here or download it from Google at this page.

4. Talking of blogs...

a year ago I launched but never found time to do much with it, and I let it slowly die.

I still think it was a good idea - far too few bloggers have worked out how to profit from their blogs,

The other week I thought about reviving it, and using the site to help bloggers earn an income.

But suddenly I've been beaten to the punch by the dynamic Dr Mani.

Check out his Blogging Profits site.

5.More on JV Secrets...(from Marc)

In this updated version of JV Secrets Revealed, You'll have access to:

How to find JV partners. You will dig into the proprietary techniques that were once only revealed to our employees and mastermind partners. We'll show you why everyone else is completely off base when it comes to finding partners. Then we'll reveal the exact methods for how to locate the most powerful and effective JV partners

(you'll be shocked to find out they were right under your nose).

12 brilliant, original and turnkey JV deals you can broker or participate in. Don't have your own products? No problem. JV Brokering is one of the easiest ways to create a mountain of sales from nothing. We lay out the exact deal, give you the exact method to find partners, tell you how to structure it and how to - most importantly - get paid!

The Ultimate JV Proposal letter. Can't get through to JV Partners? Big player that you have in mind but you can't figure out how to land them? This is what you need. We have crafted the ultimate proposal letter for you to model after. You can take this letter, tweak it to fit your industry and product and be off and running immediately.
Not only that, we don't just give you the letter. We analyze every piece of it so you know why we're telling you to put it in there.

25 Case Studies from experts who have made a combined 30 million dollars from Joint Ventures. These are not stories you have seen before. This is all original content submitted to us from friends, industry contacts and even some names you've never heard of. These are average, regular people just like you. Learn from their stories and apply their secrets to your own JVs

A bundle of Agreements and Contracts. Look - some people go into JV's without a contract, sometimes its fine and sometimes you get burned. Its happened to us - that's life.

But, if you count on JVs to bring in your profits and you are the slightest bit concerned about the other parties involved, these contracts will help you sleep at night.

Someone asked us if we just got these off of a legal forms site. He doesn't know us eh? We paid our lawyer several thousand dollars to draw these up from scratch and to our exact specifications.

Forms on legal sites are obvious - they make no sense and don't apply to most small businesses, take a look at these contracts and tell us they weren't written up by someone who knows how small business works.

Plus, you still get our JV Critique Certificate. This is proving invaluable to the people who take us up on it. We will read over your JV idea and hammer away at it until it oozes with profitability. A customer who asked to remain nameless sent in his critique last month. We worked on it for hours and now he is set to do a deal with a player who makes over 1 million dollars a year in their industry.

We took a deal that he wasn't comfortable with and used our years of JV expertise to twist it into something super profitable for everyone involved.




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