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Back issues here Issue 282 | June 29th 2003

Letter from Phil

I'm into business success stories in a big way, and I read a great one in The Australian newspaper the other day, about a young woman called Katrina Allen, who is the only woman in the world (according to the paper) with her own tampon company.

Katrina started it because she wanted a recession proof business. Well actually getting into this particular business was her dads idea. When she was talking to him about quitting her job and opening her own business he said that tampons were bound to be a recession proof business because most women use them.

And now Katrina, with her company De Jour Sanitary Products, is showing the multinationals that she can compete on their terms.

A David against Goliath kind of story. Well more of a Doris against Geraldine story I guess, but I'm sure you get the point.

And to get to the point of this little story...well it's just something she said in the interview that tickled my fancy:

"when you've got a dream, and you know your dream is right and you're passionate about it, sometimes you need to do everything to make it happen."

Ok, that's the end of the little story about Katrina. Now for a bit of Phil's homespun philosophy:

Is YOUR dream right? Are YOU passionate about what you're doing online? Are you excited about it? Enthusiastic? Can't keep away from your computer?

Because if you're not, you're probably not going to succeed at whatever it is you're doing.

If you need to make changes, make them.

Stop wasting time on things you're not passionate about.

Spend time on things you love doing.

I LOVE all this Internet stuff. But I also work darned hard.

You're not going to find success until you can combine the LOVE and the WORK.

I know I'll get some flames for mentioning women's "things" but so be it. They're a fact of life and I'm just pleased I don't need them.

Next week a little success story (well a great big one) about a woman who started a bra company. She's earning a fortune selling them on the net...and now her story is being made into a movie.

More on Keyword Site Builder...

Last week I wrote about the launch of Keyword Site Builder. Read the piece here.

As you can imagine I've had a lot of emails about it this week. And it's received plenty of publicity.

Not all favorable, which is exactly the reaction I anticipated.

Allan Gardyne, for instance, in his must read newsletter at Associate Programs explains why he's not going to promote KSB, saying that it makes him nervous, and that "This (KSB) will create thousands of similar pages that will clog up the search engines".

He also says "For goodness sake, if you're going to use this tool, use it wisely."

I have to agree with what Allan says. Even though I am promoting it, it makes me nervous too.

The scenario he pictures would be scary, but I just don't believe it's going to happen.

1. It's high priced software, so sales aren't going to be huge.

2. Most people who buy it will never create more than one or two sites.

3. Most of the people that use it ( I trust) will follow my advice and change the content of the pages, treating KSB as a site creation tool rather than leaving the generic articles in place. In fact I'll go as far as saying that if you use it without changing the pages you sites deserve to eventually get banned by Google. So don't say I didn't
tell you so.

Point 3 is the one which is likely to stop these sites dominating the search engines.

As with every other product, people buy it with good intentions but then they fail to put the necessary work in to succeed.

KSB might make building sites super fast, but it's not a magic solution. there's still work to be done.

# you have to get a domain name.

# you have to research keywords.

# you have to find suitable affiliate programs to promote.

# you have to change and add content.

And it's a fact of Internet life that most people are looking for the easy way out...and however easy the tools become they just can't be bothered putting the time and effort into achieving success.

Bottom line - you've got to work, and work hard. This online marketing stuff is a business like any other small business.

Treat it like a business and you'll achieve results.

Anyway, you can read the short free book I wrote about KSB by following this link to the download page.

If you just want to see the KSB site here's the link. But you should still take time to read my free ebook.

Before moving onto another subject I'd just like to mention
Allan again.

He's a fast mover, which probably comes from being a former daily newspaper journalist. Google have just introduced a dramatic new twist to online marketing/business, with their new AdSense product. And Allan has very quickly investigated it and written a free report.

So rather than me talking about Google Adsense here, you should hop over to Allan's site and read his very detailed piece on it.

It makes VERY interesting reading. As Allan points out AdSense could well change the face of affiliate marketing.

Here it is: "How to Boost Your AdSense Revenue"

Business Fast Lane $5 Special...

Like I said earlier, I LOVE reading business success stories. Not big business triumphs, but mom and dad, you and me, success stories.

Now I've just become a member of a site called Business Fastlane, that I've heard about for a while, but never got around to joining until last week. And I'm sorry I took so long to sign up.

Tell the truth it was the $5 special that got me in, but now I'm in I can't imagine leaving for a long while.

Seeing that I've been on the net a long time, and know what I'm doing (...well most of the time) it's not often that a member site knocks my socks off (and I'm a full paying member of quite a lot) but Business Fastlane has just succeeded.

There's more immediately useful ideas and advice here than anywhere I can think of in the online biz world. Personally, although there's tons of other useful content, I like the success stories best. I'm only read a few so far, because there are so many, but stories like the ones listed below really got me thinking:

$450/ Day Selling 1 Piece of Paper! :What could be better than earning $450 per day selling a piece of paper? How about the fact that you don't even need to mail the piece of paper out…the buyers download it automatically after they buy? It's true! Here is how one person is doing it and how you can sell your own "special piece of paper" all day long..more.. READ FULL ARTICLE

Incredible Success Story-2 Week Old Website Sells 700,000 sold in 3 Days! Think you can't get rich overnight? Here's a story of a brand new website that brought in over $3 million in just 3 days! Follow this model, use the resources I give you and it could happen to you too!..READ FULL ARTICLE

Duplicatible Website Bringing in $2,500/month: Here's a website that is bringing in about $2500/month. This idea could be easily duplicated in this or other niches and you don't even have to handle any inventory! READ FULL ARTICLE..

>From Zero to Success in 3 Weeks-Scot Dantzers Latest Case
Study: Here's a fascinating look at Scot's unique method he used to find a product and sell a ton of them all within 3 weeks! No, he didn't become an affiliate, it's not multi level marketing and the product has nothing to do with making money. READ FULL ARTICLE

Earn $500/week With $600 Start Up Investment: Here's a business you could start for under $600 that would probably be hot for the next year or two and could produce a $500/wk income part- time! READ FULL ARTICLE...

If you're interested in the $5 special you'd better get there quickly.

Someone just made $14.50 selling nothing on eBay.


Yep, read this page (and look at the visitor stats at the bottom of the page, it got plenty of traffic)

Think you can beat that? I can't. Though Neil Shearing almost did some months ago when he sold an idea for a few thousand dollars.

And Neil's a man of many, many ideas. Including his excellent beginners book Internet Success Blueprint and his own very worthwhile member only web site The Collected Wit and Wisdom of Neil Shearing.

Nope, I'm kidding, though it could be.

It's actually Neil Shearing's Internet Success Private Site.

(I'm a member of this one too).

Ok...I guess that's it for this week. Thanks for reading right down to the bottom.





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