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Letter from Phil

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Sorry...but you've got to work hard

Solutions coming

Affiliate Marketers Handbook goes 2-tier

Special Affiliate Cloner deal for you

Invitation to my forum

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1. Sorry, but you've got to work hard...

last weeks issue - where I talked about how spending time building two mini sites a week (for a year) could end up bringing you a weekly income of over five thousand dollars after expenses - really got people excited.

You can re-read it here

But something I feel I didn't stress enough, is all the hard work involved.

In fact it's such hard work that the vast majority of people will never build more than one small site.

It's not just the time you have to spend building the sites, you've also got to come up with the ideas for them, then do some keyword research to see if enough people are buying whatever you're thinking of promoting.

And this is hard work, as you know. Work that most people just aren't prepared to do. They're looking for the easy ride and instead of putting time and effort in, and building a solid foundation, they instead follow the hype and go for one of the spammy emails or websites that promise a shortcut to success.

The bad news is that although shortcuts do exist, anything that promises you almost instant income without hard work is a lie.

In the end, and even in the beginning...

YOU'RE in charge of your own destiny.

YOU have to put the work in.

YOU have to miss watching TV or sitting in a bar, or sleeping, or going to the football.

You just have to buckle down and DO it.

Anyway, having got all that out of my head, I'd like to say that I did manage to create two new mini sites this week, and one of them - a health related site built around a Commission Junction listed affiliate program even made an almost immediate sale with no promotion or advertising.

I registered the domain last Sunday, added it to my web host, built the site Monday, used the add site link at Google.

Tuesday I spent a couple of hours improving the site and adding some back end article pages... and great news the site appeared in Google's Top 10 on Wednesday, got around 130 visitors, and made one sale paying me $108 affiliate commission.

The bad news is the site dropped out of Google the very next day. Saturday it reappeared. Today it has gone again.

At first I was worried when this kind of dropping in and out happened, but I've come to learn that this is the norm with Google. New sites often drop in and out until they settle into whatever position Google things they're worth (based mainly on site content, both internal linking and external links, and the competition in the niche you're focusing on).

So the immediate sale was just good luck.

But it happened. So I'm happy, because I've now got some indication of how that site will rank and perform.

Read how I'm doing it in my book Mini Site Profits

2. Solutions Coming...

Anyway, judging from all the feedback I get the 2 biggest problems most of you are facing is coming up with enough content and enough traffic.

Really the two often go hand in hand.

Good text based content = good search engine traffic.But what happens if you're not a good, or fast, writer?

For ages people have been saying to me "it's all very well building mini sites, but after I've put up one or two pages I've got nothing else to say."

Well I'm working on something to make coming up with content a lot easier for you. After some intense brain storming with my old Yorkshire buddy, Bill Burdin (now living in Australia like me)
we've come up with a killer solution.

When you visit the link below you might think it's just another boring old article database, but it's not.It's something a whole lot more than that, but I can't really say anything about it for a few more weeks yet, except to say that its pretty exciting stuff. And it's a solution that will benefit both articlewriters and website publishers.

If you're an article writer I'd like to invite you become a part of this exciting project, and get your articles featured all over the web by going to the link below and submitting all your articles into the database.

We're looking for articles on ANY subject. Copyright, of course, remains with you. But by adding them you grant permission for the articles to be freely published on multiple websites. (and after all, all
that free publicity and links back to your site is why you've written them in the first place isn't it)So come on, get submitting. It's really going to be worth your while.

( And remember, you need to submit genuine articles, not ads. If you want to submit ads send them to Bill's Web Sitings site).

3. Affiliate Marketer's Handbook goes 2-tier.

You know that I'm a big fan of James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook.

Well I had a big surprise this week. James wrote to me to say that, along with Michael Campbell, I'm his top affiliate.

I'm surprised because I'm mainly promoting it with those out-of-fashion banner ads.

Shows they still work :)

Anyway, James had another reason for writing. He wanted to tell me that he's moving away from selling his excellent book via Clickbank, to his own affiliate program.

And from now on it's 2-tier, paying an extra $15 on the second level.

So if you're looking for something else to promote (and even though it's expensive it sells well) I can recommend it.

But I also recommend that you read it first. You won't regret it. It's the best step-by-step training manual for affiliates you'll find.

If you're willing to put the work in and follow the exact step-by-step plan that he details for you in the book, you should make a very good affiliate income.

Again though, there are no promises of easy success. To build the kind of site James puts together is hard work.

But it can be VERY rewarding.

Anyway, either buy it, read about it, or sign up for the affiliate program here

4. Special Affiliate Cloner deal for you

I know you like the special deals I can put together for you now and again.

I also know you like to be able to protect your affiliate commissions.

So I though "why not put the two together?" and I got in touch with David Zohar developer of a nifty piece of software called Affiliate Cloner.

After a bit of pushing and shoving I managed to get David to offer you a huge discount, plus a great bonus package of goodies.

I'm using it and it's good and different to other affiliate link protectors on the market.

So what's so special about it? Well rather than me rambling on I asked David a few questions. Here's what he had to say:

Phil: Tell me David, how is your software different to the others on the market? What's unique about it? How does it do a better job?

David: The software gives affiliates some new tools to promote affiliate products that I haven't seen on other Cloaking products.

All the other products do the same thing and that's, cloak the affiliate link and put it in a framed page on the affiliates web site. My product gives the affiliate the same tool plus all of those below.

1)Promote products with your own sales letter and put the order link of the merchant on the sales letter. Doing this will bypass the merchant's sales letter straight to the order form.

Phil: I've got my own ideas on this, but why would you say it's sometimes a good idea to bypass the merchant's sales letter?

David: Sometimes the product is great but the merchant's sales letter is not great. Other times, and this happens a lot with Clickbank products, times the merchant has a prominent link asking people to join to the affiliate program. This put your
commissions in danger because they then use their own link to buy.

You can also use Affiliate Cloner in your email campaigns. You (the affiliate) can write the whole ad in the email message and put the order link for the product on the same email message.

Another thing it does is help you if the merchant sells more more than one product from their web sites. If your affiliate link takes people to a web page with lots of products, other than just the product that you want the prospect to see, you might lose the sale.

But Affiliate Cloner creates links that will take your prospect straight to the exact product's web page and bypass the main web page of the merchant.

Finally, when a visitor is redirected to the merchants web site (clickbank) that's what his browsers address bar show's

The links created by Affiliate Cloner will take the visitor straight to the merchant's web site without the extra details at the end of the riginal domain


: thanks David. And also thanks for putting together the special discount and package. I really appreciate it.

Ok, if you want to take advantage go this special link

But make it quick. The link won't be there long.

5.Invitation to my forum....

please come along to my forum and join in the discussions. It's got a whole new look, and lots of help and advice is on hand.

Come on, join us. Oh...and read Rebekah's Forum Profits first if you're not a regular forum participant. (and even if you are)

Right, that's it for this week.




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