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Back issues here Issue 270 | Mar 30th 2003

Letter from Phil

Hypnotic Blueprint

A shouldn't miss it seminar

Meet my assistant

Two mini sites a Week

Invitation to my forum

Got to make this quick...all the mountain folk are coming over in a couple of hours for a big party ...and if it's anything like the other parties up here I might not surface for a couple of days.

So first up, here's an affiliate program worth promoting.

Frank Garon and Lee Benson have just launched Hypnotic BluePrint at

Harry Potter. htm?

More on that in a minute :)

but first go and look at the site and do two things. Sign up as an affiliate because this is going to be a hot seller, paying you monthly residual income, and also seriously consider getting your hands
on the first CD.

It's top-notch excellent training, on CD and through online voice chats.

Ok, Harry Potter, well I'm a big and unashamed fan of Frank Garon. He reminds of of Hagrid from Harry Potter, but that's not why I used this link

The real reason is that every month Frank is flying over over to England to work on the next CD at Lee's office in Grimsby.

And while Frank's over there in May, I'll be over at the same time, so the three of us as are meeting up and taking a ride on the Harry Potter train.

Frank's a huge train nut, and seeing he's not taken a ride on this "tourist attraction" train yet we're going to make a day of it, spending time in the pub at Goathland which was Hogsmead in the movies.

Should be great fun.

2. A shouldn't miss it seminar....

If you can get to Florida in early May you should mark down Willie Crawford's seminar in your diary.

It's in Pensacola, May 2nd - 4th, and if I wasn't flying to England in late April I'd be making a big effort to get there.

I know there are a lot of seminars around, but this one's different. It's about creating and marketing your own product, but rather than just a bunch of people talking to you about it, you're taken
through the whole process step-by-step.

Willie's a great guy, and he's put a whole bunch of superstars together for this event.

3. Meet my assistant....

I've just had a hectic work-packed week on the mountain, working on my book rewrite....doing an interview...AND building two complete mini sites (see the piece lower down on mini sites)

Ok, first thing...I'm so busy working on site building that I've just had to employ my first part time assistant - Rebekah Nahai.

We've never met, and live in a different country, but I've grown to trust her from our online dealings.

Why Rebekah? Because she's knowledgeable, savvy, and works fast.

I could have occupied her full time, but she's too busy herself to crowd more hours in.

Just this week she launched her first books.That's books, not book. Told you she was a fast worker.

The first one is Master the Basics which Rebekah has written to help everyone new to Internet marketing overcome all the technical challenges. (It covers too much to list here, but you can read about it by following the above link) or the book cover.
And the other one is Forum Profits which shows you how to gain attention, subscribers, and make an income by spending time becoming known in forums and discussion groups.

Good stuff.

4. Two Mini Sites a week...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I was now making so much from my mini sites that I'm being forced into dropping other projects.

I didn't elaborate on it though, so basically what I'm doing is building 2 sites a week.

It's hard work and time consuming, but very rewarding.

Do you think you'll have the willpower and work ethic to follow my plan of building 2 complete mini sites a week?

Let's look at some figures:

If you end up making just $50 a week from a web site which costs you next to nothing to put up and host, and you build 2 sites a week, at the end of a year you’ll have 102 websites all making
you $50 each a week.

That translates to an income of $5,100 a week. Your domains will have cost you a total of $905, and web hosting at New Web Site which lets you host 200 sites for one low monthly fee comes to a total of $348.

In other words your costs will be a total of $24 dollars a week potentially bringing you in $5,100 (now I’m not the greatest at math so I’ve probably gone wrong somewhere here, but I’m sure you get the picture.)

Of course, $5,100 a week sounds like hype. But attacking it this way it’s not. And of course some sites will be failures and not make fifty a week, while others will be successful and make a lot more.

But two sites a week for a year is an awful lot of hard work of course.

Not to mention all the ongoing attention they'll need. So you really do work for your money.

There's no such thing as a free ride.

Read how I'm doing it in my book Mini Site Profits

5. Invitation to my forum....

please come along to my forum and join in the discussions. It's got a whole new look, and lots of help and advice is on hand.

Come on, join us. Oh...and read Rebekah's forum profits first if you're not a regular forum participant.

Right, that's it for this week. Time to party :)




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