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Back issues here Issue 267 | Mar 12th 2003

Letter from Phil

last week I was approached by a big name marketer wanting me to endorse his new ebook, which is all about succeeding with joint ventures.

He offered me a 50% deal if I'd join his affiliate program and promote it to my list.

Naturally I wanted to check it out first. So I started reading it, then very quickly became totally enthralled, and kept reading until I'd finished it.

Ok, yep I thought. It's top quality stuff. I'll endorse it no problem.

But then I thought "hold on Phil"

It's all about joint ventures, so let me do something crazy for once :)

So I thought about it for a while, and argued about it for a while, and in the end I managed to put together a great offer for you.

Shame about my affiliate commissions, but there you go :)

In fact I've had to spend quite a bit to do this for you.

Here's what you need to do to take advantage of this once only special deal.


Now whatever you do DON'T buy it from that link, or sign up for anything from a popup. Just carefully read the sales letter, and in particular read all the testimonials down the right hand side.

The testimonials alone show the great value of this product.

2. When you've finished reading come back here and go to this page

You'll see that I struck a hard bargain for you. I've arranged a big discount, plus a special not-for-anyone-else bonus. Compare the cost to that on the first page you looked at.

Much cheaper from my link.

3. Ok, you can buy now if you want to....but first you should probably look at step 4.

4. Go and take a look at this truly excellent member only site

Spend some time there looking around, but whatever you do don't sign up to be a member because I've arranged for you to get a free 5 year membership
when you buy JV Secrets. (limited to the first 25 people)

5 years? No kidding. I've bought 25 memberships and I'm giving them away to the first 25 people to get JV Secrets from this link

I've been a member of Info Product Lab for quite a while, and I visit often. I've learned a lot from it and so will you.

So to recap:

1. you get a big discount on JV Secrets, plus all the bonus products.

2. you get a special "for Phil readers" only special report.

3. you get 5 years free membership to Info Product Lab.

So what's the catch? Nothing. I just like to do things for you now and again.

All you have to do is get JV Secrets from my special discount link then email me your receipt and I'll arrange access to Info Product Lab for you.

Oh, just one thing. There's a 72 hour clock ticking on this. After that the price for JV secrets reverts to the normal price.

And the Info Product Lab deal is limited to just 25 people. So you need to take action quickly.

So follow this link to take advantage of the deal I've done for you.

ok, that's it. do it now :)




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