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Letter from Phil

Here's what's inside:

sometimes I think

breaking Google news

search engine software resources

more on "smart pages"

now for something completely different

Hope you find something useful and interesting here....

1. Sometimes I think ...

I'm the God of Search Engine Positioning.

Then I plummet to the ground.

A new mini site I built, in the electronic gadgets niche, has been number 3 in Google for the past 2 weeks for a very competitive keyword. It's had plenty of visitors and more than a few sales. My secondary keyword was at number 11.

But now the Google dance is happening and my new site is about to sink to position 6, and 26 for my secondary phrase. ( well at least that's what I think is going to happen).


Still, I'm fairly sure that I'll make it to number 1 by this time next month.

Ok, how do I know my site is going to drop from 3rd to 6th?

Well, I'm not quite sure how it all works (technical stuff flies so far over my head that I can't even see it clearly) but you can tell your search engine positioning for the next month by comparing the results in and

You can read how it all works, or is thought to work, here:

So Google (1) shows where a site ranks now, but Google 2 and 3 show where it's going to be when the repositioning for the current update is finished.

(by the way, I'm writing this on Saturday. If 1,2,3 are all the same now it means the dance - the monthly repositioning is over until April)

Anyway if you go to the main Google Dance page at, which displays results from all 3 servers, you can see where your site is going to rank.

For instance, if you type in affiliate programs, you'll see that Chuck McCullough's Affiliate Match site is currently at number 1 and it's going to stay there.

Today the 3 servers all show Allan Gardyne's Associate Programs site in 2nd spot, where yesterday servers 2 and 3 had it ranked in 6th place.

Interestingly, one site promoting casino affiliate programs has 4 top 10 positions for affiliate programs by using sub domains.

1 - this seems to shows that sub domains work.

2 - it tends to confirm what I'd heard, that casino sites and adult sites are often very savvy operators when it comes to search engines positioning.

OK...back to Chuck McCullough. Being number one in this very competitive field goes to show that he knows what he's talking about when it comes to getting traffic and ranking high in search engines.

If you want to learn from him you can check out his Website Traffic System (member site)

He's also written a free ebook called Search Engine Primer which is quite a useful introduction to his techniques. You can download it here

Chuck, by the way, is also the author of that excellent affiliate program book, Affiliate Mistakes. You can get a free trial version here which gives you the table of contents, a lengthy introduction, and the first chapter "Affiliate Mistake #1.

2.Breaking Google news...

In the current update, Google are changing the way that they deal with expired domains. Apart from the other benefits of buying expired domains, one of the best things about them has been that they have an existing PR due to existing links. This can make it very easy to get good rankings quickly. I've known of people who have been able to buy domain names for $8.95 that have a PR of 7
- which really makes them worth thousands of dollars.

Now, Google have decided to "reset" their links database when a site expires. So, if you now register an expired domain, you will get no benefit from pre existing links as far as Google is concerned.

There is even talk that they may be backdating it for expired domains that have been picked up in the past.

by Sean Burns - author of Rankings Revealed.

3. Search engine software resources...

Software/Tool: Traffic Dynamo which is a unique piece of search engine software which drives targeted traffic to your web sites by developing on-the-fly pages for the search engines.

Read my review of it here

Software/Tool: EasySEO which is a new search engine reverse engineering tool which helps you analyze the top 10 positions in search engines for your chosen keywords, compares these pages to your own site, and helps you adjust the content of your site for better ranking.

Read my review of it here

4. More on "smart pages"...

While we're still talking about search engines here's a bit about "smart pages" as detailed in The Whole Truth.

I think it's a good book, and I'm not criticizing it. The book has lots of interesting stuff in it, and the value Stephen offers in his follow up emails to buyers of The Whole Truth is terrific.

It's just the "smart page" idea that bothers me.

As I've said before Google will eventually get around to filtering them out, and perhaps penalizing or even banning sites using them.

Anyway, Sean Burns author of Rankings Revealed, mentioned above, wrote to me to say he'd found a comment from a Google technician about using javascript redirects.

Here's what Sean wrote:

"One last thing Phil, I've been doing a bit of research on Google's feelings about the JavaScript re-direct technique. I found this thread on the WebmasterWorld forum -

It's interesting because the person who started the thread is one of Google's technicians. He posts there quite often. Anyway, the focus of it seems to be on this method exactly and at one stage when asked what a sneaky redirect is he said "easy example is a
keyword-stuffed page that has a javascript redirect. Bots see the main page, but users get whisked away to a different destination as soon as they land on that page".

Sean - Rankings Revealed.

5.Now for something completely different....

maybe that's enough search engine stuff for one letter.So I'd just like to say three more things.

The first is that I've had to cut so much out that I'll probably mail out another on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Having too much to say is a problem sometimes :)

The second thing is a quick mention of Louis Allport's excellent reprint rights site.

Three weeks ago I let you know that Louis has re-introduced the $1 trial period (so there's nothing to stop you signing up)

But I forgot to mention that until the beginning of April he's paying out 80% commissions when you sign new people up for the site.The affiliate program is only open to members of the site, so if you're interested in promoting it and making some quick 80 percents, you'd better sign up for the $1 trial offer.

I've been a member since day one. He's pumping some excellent, easy to resell products out.

Highly recommended.

The third is a reminder to take a look at the 2 new ebooks I've mentioned in the past week.

Rebecca Hagel's Missing Link Review and Michael Campbell's Revenge of the Mininet Review

ok, that's it for this week. Thanks for reading right down to the bottom :)

Hope you have a great week.




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