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Back issues here Issue 265 | Mar 5th 2003

Letter from Phil

it's not often I send this letter twice in a week, but I'm writing for 2 reasons.

The first is that quite a number of people have written and asked why I didn't send out an ezine last weekend.

Well the short answer to that is that I did.

If you didn't receive it the spam filters ate it, and you can find the online version here.

It's all about me being attacked in Starbucks and being saved by a copy of Rebecca Hagel's book The Missing Link.

It's a long story, you need to read it online because if I tell it again here it might get filtered again.

The second reason for writing is that Michael Campbell has just released his new book Revenge of The Mininet ...and as you can probably tell from the title, it's a perfect fit if you've read my Mini Site Profits book.

Revenge of the Mininet is all about linking strategies for affiliate revenue through search engine positioning.

It shows you how to design a cluster of 5 - 5 page sites, with highly targeted keywords, and link them together, for natural link popularity and favorable search engine rankings.

Michael's provided sketches and diagrams, showing exactly how to link all the sites together. These are the very same strategies his coaching clients are using to make thousands of dollars a month online.

Until now this information has been reserved for his high paying clients.

Michael, of course, is the author of the well known book Clickin' It Rich, which I've written about many times here.

But I've got to say, that as valuable as I've found this latest book, it's not for everyone.

It doesn't have the same broad appeal as Clickin' and unless you're prepared to build networks of mini sites there's no point in investing in it.

If you've read my book, and you're prepared to put some time and effort into it, then go ahead and race out to buy this new one.

Well don't race can get it right now from this link.

If you build mini sites this is an essential.











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