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Back issues here Issue 261 | Feb 9th 2003

Letter from Phil

forgive me if this turns out to be boring, useless, off the planet, and full of mistakes.

I've got a head cold

and a neck cold

and a chest cold

and an all the way down to my feet cold.

In fact I feel pretty rotten, and I'm off to bed the minute I've finished writing this.

So if it's poor excuse me, and stay around for next weeks letter.

1. ok, we're going to talk about writing today.

Like it or loath it, writing's pretty important on the web. And let's start right at the top because nothing's more important than the headline.

People scan headlines, and if it doesn't grab them they often move on without reading the rest of what you've got to say. This is why copywriters get paid big bucks for creating great headlines ...headlines can literally make or break your marketing copy.

So if you're not much of a writer - or even if you can write, but you're hopeless at coming up with great headlines, some new software called Headline Creator Pro is just what you need.

It works by using the greatest headlines in history as templates for automatically generating your headlines...which means you're generating powerful and proven results-driven headlines.

I bought it and here's the first headline I created

"Who Else Wants To Write Great Headlines In Only 2 Minutes?"

Actually it took about 10 seconds, but there you go...

It also gave me HEAPS of alternatives.

Headline Creator Pro, which is excellent, is just $29, and
well worth it.

So if you want to visit the web site and read a lot more about it, including some screen shots you'd better follow this link

While you're there, and before you buy, read Scott's story - you'll find a link to it halfway down the page's very touching.

Hang on, wait a might be interested in buying the resale rights for just $99. There are a very limited number being if you think you can make sales (if you've got a mailing list, or a site that deals with writing or marketing) I'd go for the resell rights. you can buy them by following this link.

2. Unmentionables...

Actually Headline creator Pro is the second piece of software I've bought online this week. I was so unimpressed with the other software that I won't even mention it here.

3. Now back to writing...

Almost as important as writing great headlines is writing great web copy and sales letters.

But the simple fact is that most people CAN'T write compelling salesletters. No matter how much they study, how long they work on it, many people just can't come up with the goods.

Which is why I'm a believer in using sales letter software. I didn't use it when I struggled for days over my sales letter at Mini Site Profits but now, whenever I'm putting the main page of a site together I use Marlon Sanders Push Button Sales Letters to get the basics right, and speed things up....then I tweak the pages until they're just right.

If you'd like to read more on this take a look at one of my old newsletters, issue 236.

4. Turn words into traffic...

Now once you can write, you'll probably want to read Jim Edwards latest ebook "Turn Words Into Traffic"which takes you by the hand through the entire article writing and promotion process, and shows you Jim's quick and easy techniques for pumping out high-quality, professional articles in next to no time.

I'm a BIG fan of Jim's "eBook Secrets Exposed" and an even bigger fan of one of his other books "The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business: how to work less and get paid more...and have tons more fun."

It's one of my last years favorites, in fact one of the top ebooks of the past few years.

Turn Words into Traffic looks like it's on its way to joining it.

Good stuff Jim.

5.Search engine mini site tip...

Whether you're building new sites, or simply adding new pages to existing sites, you want to get them listed in the search engines quickly.

Especially in Google which has a massive market share.

However, Google only trawls for new sites once a month (I think) so if you're working on something you want to make sure it's in place before the great Google dance.

This free site will alert you when the dance is starting.

ok, that's it....I'm off to my sick bed :-(




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