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Letter from Phil

standing in a cloud

top searched for products 2002

more on The Whole Truth

one last problems

Hope you find something useful and interesting here....

1. a couple of mornings ago I was standing in a cloud
when the phone rang.

I'm not joking about being in a cloud. Living on top of a high mountain means clouds often drift around the house, or through it if we leave the windows open.

The mountain in cloud

So there I was, with the phone in my back pocket ...standing in the garden to feel the clouds on my face...when a delightful lady called Marina rang me from L.A.

She had an interesting proposition.

Her boss, self-made multi-millionaire and business radio show host, Ed Hunt, has accepted a challenge to help 250 lucky people make $100,000 incomes over the coming year.

And Marina wanted to invite me to take part...and pass the word on to you about the free online seminars Ed is holding this week.

I took part in the free seminars on Friday and Saturday, and though it's mainly Ed doing the talking, you can join in through text and speech (if you've got a microphone plugged into your computer).

There are more free seminars on Monday 27th Jan at 12noon and 6pm, both Pacific time.

Being in Australia I'll be asleep for the 12noon one, but I'll be there for the 6pm one, and again for the 6pm slot on Tuesday (around noon Australia time).

So if you're interested in taking part, and taking a look at the $100,000 income challenge, come along.

A tip: the two I've attended were a bit slow to get started, with a few boring silences, but they liven up as it goes along. So be patient.

If you get there early - and you've got a microphone - we can have a bit of a chat while we're waiting for Ed to get started.

Let me just say though, that although it's interesting, I'm not yet convinced it's going to work.

The free seminars are, obviously, free...but there's a small fee to take part in the $100,000 income challenge, which involves taking part in 3 online mentoring workshops a week, plus 5 hours a day of live online help.

My problem with it is that I don't think Ed can just take anyone and help them make a big income. It would be nice if he could though, wouldn't it?

Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who Ed helps and inspires to great heights.

And if you're not, well you can always be sure of picking up some income through the multi level affiliate program :)

Here's the link to the free seminar. Have a listen even if you're too shy to participate.

2.Top searched for products 2002...

In the past couple of issues of his excellent ezine, Allan Gardyne of has been running articles on how to find topics for affiliate web sites.

Allan said that you need to "hunt for high-traffic opportunities - highly popular topics."

And he's right. Don't just stick to this highly competitive, but small "internet marketing" niche.

Spread your wings. Follow the money.

For more on the importance of finding and profiting from your own niche re-read issue 248.

And here's a list of hot search subjects which might also help you get started. It's of the top product related searches on for 2002.

1. Harry Potter books
2. TiVo
3. Dragon Ball Z
4. PlayStation 2
5. DVD players
6. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
7. Digital cameras
8. Adidas shoes
9. Xbox
10. HDTV
11. DSL
12. Yu-Gi-Oh cards
13. Ikea furniture
14. Direct TV
15. Camera cell phones
16. Skateboards
17. Webcams
18. Bikes
19. Wine
20. Laptops

For a way to check how many people are searching for particular keywords and exactly what keywords are being typed into search engines, you should look at using Wordtracker.

Take the free trial for a spin. It's a time-saving research tool I use several times a week.

3. More on The Whole Truth.

Even after some adverse publicity in the marketing forums this week, many people have been making big sales of The Whole Truth ebook.

Written by Stephen Pierce it's got a very persuasive web page, which converts very well.

This means you don't have to do a lot of "selling" or "preselling" to make an affiliate commission from the book. All you've got to do is get semi interested eyeballs to the site and a decent percentage will buy.

In truth, I found the marketing, and follow-up marketing, better than the book.

I'm not saying it's no good.

It is.

But the series of follow up letters for both buyers and affiliates is outstanding.

Stephen is running a particularly impressive series of testimonials from people who have used his "smart pages" technique to get pages ranked at, or near, the top of Google.

Smart Pages involve using a simple to build content rich java redirect page. Because search engines currently don't/can't read java these
redirect pages aren't penalized the way normal affiliate redirect pages are (though who knows what the future might bring).

Here's Stephen's book

Incidentally, using a different technique, I wrote 2 web pages on Thursday last week that are now 6th and 7th in Google when you search
for mini web sites.

It shows just how fast you can get listed sometimes.

What was my technique?

Just 2 carefully worded (keyword rich) short articles. Something I've lazily never bothered doing before for my Mini Site Profits site. I then
linked to the articles from one of my other sites, so the pages would be picked up quick by the Google spider.

4. One last problems again...

If I haven't answered your email lately I'm sorry.

I've had 2 Outlook crashes in the past few weeks which has damaged my inbox both times. To get around the problems this causes I've just invested several hundred dollars in a LaCie Clearlight Portable
Hard Drive
for my notebook computer.

Plus I've bought ABF Outlook Backup and I'm now (since yesterday) backing up my whole 2.5 gig email file every night.

2.5 gig?

Yep, I've got an archive of around 7000 ezines included in that. It's great research for research because I can just do a search of the archive for
anything I'm writing about.

You should consider putting all your ezines into one folder. Nearly all email programs will allow you to search the entire folder for a keyword or, more usefully, a keyword phrase.




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