Work at home on the Internet: internet marketing and affiliate program help.

Work from home and want to make more money?

Here's one way:
We all know how hard it is to make money promoting affiliate programs. People are put off when you try to sell something to them.

But here's a way to make money by promoting my free weekly newsletter. The very same one that you've probably just subscribed to...and if not why not )))

Ok, as you might know,I've written a best-selling book called Mini Site Profits, which costs $67 and pays 50% commission after processing fees. So as an affiliate you make around $30.50 a sale.

It's not that hard to sell, I've got a good sales letter for it which converts well. But even so, it's a lot easy to give something way.

So I've set up a special link which lets you promote my weekly ezine and get paid when the subscribers you've sent me buy my book within 3 months.

All you have to do is sign up as an affiliate, for free, at Clickbank,
and they'll give you an affiliate ID they call a Nickname.

Then join my affiliate program just here.

Once you join you'll be able to promote my book directly, or simply get people to sign up for my free weekly "Letter from Phil."

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