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Do you know how to create highly profitable niche sites?

The affiliates in this new book do.


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Over a third of this book is a detailed interview with me,
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Confessions of an un-guru

Letter from Phil is supposed to get to you every weekend, but I've just realized why it hardly ever gets written on time. It's not me being lazy. I'm just being an un-guru...

You have GOT to niche

You want to get ahead? You've got to get into under-developed, under-exploited niches. You've got to sell real stuff to real people. Here's Part 1 of how I make a fortune by building web sites on cruises, diet books, engagement rings, furniture, shoes (and lots of other things).

Working from home - the purpose of this site

My aim, with my newsletter, books, and web site, is to help you run a successful internet business working from home. Everything here is practical, jargon-free, and staying well away from the hype you'll find on many "internet marketing" web sites.

Work at home - no matter where you live - just like Phil

How does a house on a remote Australian mountain top grab you?
I live in the middle of nowhere, just onshore from Australia's Great Barrier Reef, working from home full time on the Internet. I've been making a great online income since 1997, and figure that if I can do it, working from such a remote location, so can you.

Work at home promoting affiliate programs

Nearly everyone working from home on the Internet has a web site. Is yours generating enough income? One way of maximizing your web site profits is by promoting affiliate programs targeted at your customers.

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In a roundabout way you can make money by promoting my newletter. Even though its free. Here's how to do it.

Work from home building mini sites.

You'll probably find my book Mini Site Profits interesting. A number of people who have read it have written to say that, because of my book, they're now working at home on the net full time...earning plenty of money from affiliate programs by building mini web sites.

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