Affiliate Programs - tips, tactics, advice, and resources for achieving affiliate success.

Exploding the myth and 3 people who achieve mega affiliate success.

Making an income from affiliate programs seems like a great way to make a living. What could be nicer than putting together a web site, about whatever you're most interested in, placing a couple of affiliate banners on every page, and then sitting back and waiting for the affiliate sales to start pouring in. Read more on achieving affiliate program success here

My personal affiliate program directory.

After almost 6 years of promoting affiliate programs I know what works, and what doesn't. The affiliate programs listed here work for me - and they'll work for you....if you work for them.

With the right promotion, and some hard work the one's listed here will all bring you a regular, and growing, monthly paycheck.

What's all this talk of work? Isn't the net easy? Just stick up a few banners and make money? Afraid not! If you want to profit from affiliate programs you have to work hard at promoting them.

Affiliate programs are not get-rich-quick scams. They're not even get-rich-slow, but if you promote them good enough you'll bring in a very nice monthly income.

My personal directory of recommended affiliate programs

Achieving affiliate program success with mini sites.

Affiliate Program Success Tactics.





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