Affiliate Programs - my favorites.

Some personally recomended affiliate programs
and products for you to promote.

(not in any particular order )

Information Products
Other niches
Affiliate Program Directories
Resale Right products

Note: This is not meant to be a comprehensive affiliate directory.

Unlike the hundreds, or thousands, of programs listed on some web sites, this is simply a list of affiliate programs, and resale rights products, that I've personally used, or reviewed, and am happy to associate my name with.

Information Products - marketing related.

Name/Link to affiliate signup Product Type Payment per sale Levels
Ken Evoy products info products + Site Build It. Varies Lifetime
The Internet Secret marketing audios + member site 40%+12%
also residual income
2 tier
Affiliate Marketer's Handbook - 2002
excellent ebook on affiliate programs $32.23 per sale single tier
The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed ebook about ranking in Google. $17.98 per sale single tier
The DropShip Source Directory drop shipping/mail order resource $17 and $7 2-tier
Mini Site Profits book & member site $30.48 single
Secrets to their Success Cory Rudl's excellent private site monthly residual income  
Instant Visitors member only marketing site $7 per month 2-tier
Clickin' It Rich - by Michael Campbell quality affiliate program book $17.08 single tier
The Amazing List Machine ebook on list building $30.49 single
Peter Twist's Internet Marketing Lounge
audio - weekly marketing radio show 50% single tier

How To Resell - (affiliate book)

Marlon Sanders affiliate book 45% single
Chuck McCullough's Website Traffic System

member site and ebook on getting traffic. $48.50 per sale & $9.70 2nd tier sale 2-tier

The Paperless Newsletter
Publishers Guide by Monique Harris

Excellent guide on producing a paid ezine. $44.36 single tier
Nothing But 'Net: by Michael Campbell. Ebook on generating an income from web stores. $9.50 per sale and $3.80 2nd tier. 2 -tier
Marlon Sanders Gimme My Money ebook on creating fast products $48.50 single tier
Affiliate Mistakes by Chuck McCulloch ebook on making an affiliate income. $18.50 per sale and $3.70 2nd tier 2-tier
Terry Deans Private Site Private members only site - Excellent site $4.98 a month and $1.99 2nd tier 2-tier
The Special Report Bible ebook $17.53 per sale single
Allen Says Internet Marketing Warriors Private members only site $30 a sale single tier
Corey Rudl's The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business On The Internet. Bestselling hardcover Internet marketing course $65 a sale and $20 in the 2nd tier. 2-tier
Create and Sell Products Online ebook + 50% single

The Success Arsenal
members only business web site $40 per sale, $8 on the 2nd tier.



growing range of low cost ebooks.

20% first tier and 10%

Ultimate Million-Dollar Idea Generator brilliant ideas book $21.24 single
Internet Marketing Challenge private membership marketing help site 35% $70 + $25 on 2nd 2-tier
Instant Internet Profits Internet Marketing Course $57.15 to $79.45 + 2nd tier sales 2-tier
Instant Sales Letters Automated sales letter writing 45% + 5% 2nd tier 2-tier
UMS - Ultimate Marketing Secrets Hundreds of dollars of software, marketing help, reprint rights. $5 a signup, 7 levels deep multi-level
Cashflow Marketing powerful ebook and huge private site 40% 2-tier
Super Affiliate Marketing Exposed by Shane Pearce ebook $21 per sale single

Master Copywriters

copywriter help from world's best direct mail writers.



Internet Success Blueprint Internet marketing book /course 50% and 10%
2nd tier

Follow Up Marketing

increasing sales by following up on leads ebook 45% single
Internet Success Diamonds 10 Top marketers reveal secrets - ebook 50% and 10%
2nd tier
Power Pause success steps ebook 30% and 20%
2nd tier

Paul Barrs - Home Business Mastery

home business training / online study courses 30% and 10% 2nd tier. 2-tier
Affiliate Announce new affiliate program publicity mailing 20%
$ value varies
single tier
The Swipe File 17 success strategies $13.65 single tier

Honest Lotto

book on winning lotto


The Newbie Club training for internet newcomers 35% and 10% 2nd tier 2-tier
Top Ezine Ads
click "make money" link
Ezine advertising database and advice

$20 direct sale
$8 on 2nd tier


Google Adwords Report

ebook on using Google Adwords    
Ezine Money
click on join here
Rick Beneteau's Ezine Marketing Machine book 30% and 20% on 2nd tier 2-tier
Ezine Tactics
affiliate sign up page
ebook on profiting with your ezine 44% and 11% 2nd tier. $20 and $5 2-tier
Killer Covers Vaughan Davidson's ebook cover art 25% 1 tier
Ezine Adrenaline Proven ezine marketing tactics 20% and 5 % 2nd tier 2-tier
The Amazing Formula Marlon Sanders best selling book 45% 1-tier
Drop Ship Directory The best drop shipping directory. 25% and 10% 2-tier
Newsletter Toolkit ezine toolkit 50% single
Buying Web Businesses member site monthly residual 2-tier
How to be a Master List Builder ebook 40% &10% 2-tier
Ebook Secrets Exposed ebook 45% single
Guerrilla Marketing Bombshell's member site varies mlm
Email Strategies Exposed 8 hour audio course 45% 2-tier
Dr.Ralph Wilson's Web Commerce Today leading e-commerce newsletter $9.99 + 2nd tier 2-tier

Software and services

Name/Link to affiliate signup Product Type Payment per sale Levels
Free Software Forever huge software collection. Not strictly an affiliate program but you can become a reseller (free on purchase) $18-20 per sale.  
Desk Top Money Machine Mini Site building tool and many other products/features. Sells easily. $15 on 2 levels. 2 tier
Optin Mavrick Pop Up Software with a difference - puts your pop up on any site. $20 and $5
2 tier
MyLeadCenter low cost autoresponder service + newsletter mail out $7 monthly


EasyBizTools range of products designed to improve your ecommerce site 50% commission, only open to customers.  
Brian Terry's
ebookwow design
Top quality (and low cost) graphic design/branding look for your website and ebook covers. 15% and 5% on 2nd tier. 2-tier
Quick Pay Pro complete ecommerce website automation $12 per sale and $5 2nd tier, both
residual monthly
One Minute Poll online polling/voting service. 50% single
200 Sites web hosting - host up to 200 sites for one monthly fee of $29.99 20% & 5%
PDF Brander
software which lets authors make their pdf files brandible.
$35.89 plus $6.29 per month  
Clicklocker online software that lets you disable pirated, or refunded, copies of your product    
Web Lock Pro      
Amazing Talking Websites software for adding audio sales pitch onto your web pages Basic $49.25 per sale. Custom:25% single
Affiliate Profit Guard software to hide and encypt your affiliate links 50% - approx $18  
Ezine Announcer
ezine and article promotion software
35% and 5% on second tier
two tier
Sales Ratio Booster software which helps increase sales by personalizing your web page. 50%

Push Button Sales Letters

Sales message generation software


Wes Blaycock's
Ebook Paper
ebook software $18 2-tier
Easy Download Protector
software to stop people stealing your products sold through Clickbank 50% single
Aweber quality autoresponder service (I use them to mail out my newsletter)    
Ebook Generator best ebook software (with disabling) 35% and 10% 2-tier

Ken Evoy's Site BuildIt!
The ultimate automated ecommerce site building tool and traffic builder. Varies but high, and annual.

2-tier lifetime

Adminder ad tracking service 20% down to 3% on level 5 5-tier
Basic Templates massive collection of web templates pays $20 per sale  
ValueNic expired domain names 20% 1-tier
Internet Success Spider tool for finding super affiliates $39.98 per sale (50%)  
Affiliate Announce affiliate promotion service 20% & 5% 2-tier
History Kill Web clean up and privacy tool $12 per sale  
I Hate Spam anti spam software $4.99 per sale.  
Instant Site Maker

very easy mini site building tool
(free bonus on Mini Site Profits members site)

45% single tier
Mailloop Email list automation software $125 a sale & $30 2nd tier 2-tier
Group Mail Excellent email merge tool, with paid upgrade. (I use it all the time) 40% up to $72 per sale 2-tier
Quicktell quality follow-up autoresponder system 25% plus 25% 2nd tier 2-tier
Ecover products range of software, sign up here 35% and 10% 2-tier
Namestick domain name registration with cloaking/redirect service to help increase affiliate commissions.


Nitrostats detailed ad and visitor tracking service 35% monthly recurring. single
Hooting Owl pay per click search engine $20 & $10 2nd tier 2-tier
Site InterActive software and scripts for webmasters. 15% single tier
Popular Domain Name Generator leads to people registering domain names which you earn a commission on. 10% and 5% 2-tier
Little Salesmen Affiliate Program software 2 tier  
Evidence Eliminator World's #1 PC security utility. Sells well but some dubious sales tactics $40 per sale 2-tier
Web Position Gold
click the "earn cash" link
search engine positioning software 15%-40%  
Assoctrac Affiliate Program software $165 and $45 on 2nd tier 2-tier
Release Ram Windows memory optimizer $3.75 on $15 product single
CgiScriptcenter scripts to run ecommerce sites 15% single
ListChannel mailing list providor varies on sales volume 2-tier
Clickbank Script clickbank affiliate script   single
WordTracker keyword research tool 15% & 5% 2-tier


Other niches

Name/Link to affiliate signup      
Dating Cash internet dating site $3 an affiliate,
$1.25 a user.
various options
Cell Phones      
One and Only internet dating affiliate program $3.75 a month 2-tier
Anonymizer anonymous web surfing tool 50% & 10% 2-tier
Write A Book Now  writing  $89 per sale  2-tier
Tiger Direct  computer equipment ...sign up via    

Affiliate Program Directories

Linkshare (affiliate signup page)      
Clickbank digital product directory   single
Associate Programs Allan Gardyne's excellent site



Resale Rights Products.

Never Bever Seen Reprint Rights - every month Louis Allports monthly product site with resale rights -resell option only for members. pays $10 a month single tier
Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed
audio plus transcript ebook resale rights available  


monthly ebook with resale rights - only open to members. $9.99 per month recurring. single tier
Amazing Marketing Tools ebook and software collection
Affiliate program only open to buyers.
$40 per sale single
Jimmy Brown's Profits Vault monthly resale rights products. Affiliate program only open to members. $20 monthly single
Digital Order Guard software for protecting your product download links

sells for $37

includes resale rights.